Our Story

We ( the brand ) are a luxury cosmetic brand specialising in false lashes, providing you with timeless, luxurious, beautiful styles to choose from. The brand started in 2017 as a service offering eyelash treatments such as Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts with the vision of someday owning a False Lash line. Motivated by the love of eyelashes and the support from our clients, friends and family, we were soon able to venture into what we are today.

 Our lashes have been handcrafted using synthetic material and have used cotton for the lash bands. These products have not been tested on animals or involved animals in any way. Besides, why should we use animals for our beauty anyway? We want to prove that we don't need to test on animals and use them for their skin or fur for us to have beautiful luxurious products. 


A little more

You are worth more than just a million, you are limitless. Our brand is about you and how you feel. We as beings must understand what makes us individual and beautiful and celebrate our beauty whether we we love to be natural or re-create our beauty. We are all different and we are all beautiful.
Whether you are looking to enhance your natural self or find something glamorous or even something in-between then we are confident you can find that something here. We take pride in providing you with products you can indulge in and feel luxurious with at any time, anywhere, because our brand is beyond being on trend - It’s about being timeless, luxurious and about being you.